Westerville Crew

2024 Summer Registration for Juniors and U14


Welcome to 2024 Summer Registration!


General Summer Info:

  1. Registration is due by June 10, 2024
    1. Payment can be made in full when registering or can be split into two payments with second payment automatically deducted on July 1. 
  2. Summer Session:
    1. Monday-Saturday
    2. June 10-July 27, 2024
  3. Summer Required Regatta for Masters, Juniors and U14:
    1. Midwest Summer Sprints, Dillon State Park
      1. July 27, 2024
      2. This is our summer HOME regatta.  All athletes and their families who participate in Summer season should plan on attending and Volunteering to host this Regatta.  Additional information on volunteering will be sent out at a later date.


Summer Session Options:  Juniors (8th grade through rising seniors) will have the opportunity to select from two different options.

  1. CURRENTLY CLOSED Option 1: Morning and Afternoon Sessions; $600
    1. Limited to 24 athletes (Cap may be increased if there is interest.)
    2. This option will mirror what was offered last season in High Performance without required regatta  and mandatory attendance. 
    3. Athletes attending Independence Day Regatta are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to register for Morning and Afternoon Sessions
    4. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory and athletes ARE permitted to attend camps during the summer.  
    5. Morning sessions at the JCC include small boat focus (1X, 2X & 2-)
      1. Monday-Friday with arrival time 5:45, on water by 6am and off water by 7:30am
    6. Morning sessions at the Erg Room will include Cross training and some weightlifting opportunities.
      1. Tuesday and Thursdays with arrival time of 8:15, 8:30-10am
    7. Afternoon sessions will be the same as noted in option 2.
  2. Option 2: Afternoon only sessions, $450
    1. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory and athletes ARE permitted to attend camps, vacation, etc during the summer.
    2. Afternoon sessions at the JCC will include both small boats and sweeping.
    3. Monday-Friday with arrival time at 4:15, on water by 4:30 and off the water by 6:30
    4. Saturday with arrival time at 7:45, on water by 8 and off water 10:30 
  3. Coxswain Summer sessions, $450
    1. Coxswains will register for the afternoon only sessions as they can expect to be primarily utilized in the afternoon.
      1. Coaches will be letting coxswains know if/when they are needed for a morning practice.
    2. Coxswains can expect to gain rowing experience over the summer.
    3. Coach Drew will be available virtually this summer to review and comment on recordings submitted by coxswains.

U14 Summer Session: $375

  1. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at the JCC
  2. Arrival by 4:15, on water by 4:30 and off water at 6pm


WRC Alumni (recent graduates)

  1. Alumni who wish to have formal coaching and guaranteed access to boats (in particular small boats in the morning) must sign up for Morning and Afternoon Sessions. 
  2. As in previous year, alumni who wish to come informally, set their own boat line-ups and row without formal coaching are invited to come during scheduled practice times when boat availability allows. 
  3. Due to the number of junior athletes expected to register for morning practices, alumni should confirm boat availability with coaches. 


Please contact Coaches with any questions about the appropriate session for your athletes.  

Please contact Melissa Kappes (secretary@westervillecrew.org) with any registration form issues.